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At the Edge

What We Do

Our high-speed electric grid management technology enhances the grids' hosting capacity for large-scale interconnection and operation of distributed energy resources, including renewables and EV-charging stations.



Control & Protection Solutions


We understand our customers' power system operational requirements and assets, including Distributed-Energy-Resources (DERs), and develop real-time, edge control and protection systems.

About Us
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Off-Line Evaluation of

Control and Protection Systems

Our engineering team is specialized in off-line evaluation of dynamical and supervisory control systems as well as protection schemes over a wide range of software platforms.

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Real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Performance Verification

We fully verify performance of industrial-grade, hardware-implemented control and protection systems in our HIL environment before field implementation or during troubleshooting stage to minimize time, cost, and risk with the commissioning process and to de-risk customers assets' degradation.

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