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Our iT-1000 Platform

Our industrial-grade hardware-software platform has maximized our customer's power system resiliency, i.e., continuity of operation.


The industrial-grade platform can identify up to millions of events in power-distribution systems, re-adjust operation of the systems, and enforce new operation requirements on the power systems assets, in less than tens of milliseconds.

iT-1000 (Exterior).jpg

Live monitoring of the system status via high-definition front-mounted HMI panel

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Salient Features:

Capability of operating BESS as grid-enhancing unit to support power-distribution systems' voltage and frequency in grid-connected mode, and forming (regulating) voltage and frequency of a fully islanded power-distribution system as an islanded microgrid

Capability of communicating with DERs, power system meters, circuit-breakers, etc. via analogue-digital IOs, IEC-61850 communication mediums, e.g., DNP3, MODBUS-TCP

Flexible for enabling operation of kW-level to MW-level DERs located at power-distribution level

Capability of conducting real-time peak-shaving, load-leveling and energy arbitrage between Local-Distribution-Companies (LDCs) and utilities (ISOs)


Equipped with PLCnext Technology, from PhoenixContact CA, to make decisions as fast as every 500 microseconds

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Operation range of -20 degrees to 60 degrees based on Nema-4 standard, i.e., being dust proof and water resistant.

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Equipped with cellular module to broadcast system information over cloud, even in areas without wired internet access

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