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AI-based resilient operation of Nergica 230-kW microgrid system via fast (operation time-frame of milliseconds) power-management supervisory control system

Nergica and EdgeTunePower Inc. are delighted to start an industrial collaboration for development, Hardware-In-the-Loop testing and field demonstration of EdgeTunePower's AI-based power-management technology for resilient operation of Nergica 230-kW microgrid system, e.g., continuous operation subsequent to accidental disconnection (islanding) from Hydro Quebec power distribution system.

In addition, EdgeTunePower will enable Nergica's Battery-Energy-Storage-System to provide grid-enhancing services such as fast peak shaving, load leveling, and volt-var support for Hydro Quebec power distribution system. In addition, Nergica's 230-kW microgrid system will be enabled to operate as a Virtual-Power-Plant (VPP) to precisely (in the tolerance of less than 10 watts-VAR) regulate its exchange of real and reactive power with Hydro Quebec to realize possibility of fast power trading and arbitrage.

The EdgeTunePower's AI-based dynamical power-management technology will be implemented on its hardware-software platform. The hardware-software platform will be tested in terms of functionality on our 1.5 million dollar+ Hardware-In-the-Loop testing platform as shown in Fig. 1.

The same hardware platform will be retrofitted into Nergica's microgrid system and per-determined operation capabilities mentioned above will be realized during operation of the physical microgrid system.


Fig. 1. Implementation of Nergica 230-kW microgrid system over our RTDS-based testing platform

Fig. 2 demonstrates how our AI-based hardware-software platform will operate over Nergica's microgrid system. Our technology receives time-critical signals, e.g., status of a circuit breaker, via physical wires or fiber-optic medium every 500 microseconds.  The technology also receives non-time-critical signals, e.g., BESS State-of-Charge (SOC), over MODBUS-TCP-IP communication medium, every 500 milliseconds.


Subsequently, in time-frame of less than 10 ms, our AI-based engine, embedded in our hardware platform, makes proper decision, based on received measurements or information.


Finally, the time-critical commands will be dispatched over physical wires or fiber-optic platform and non-time-critical commands will be communicated over MODBUS-TCP-IP medium.

We also fully develop local-control systems to enforce commands received by the supervisory control system over operation of the Nergica's microgrid system.

Nergica MG schematic.jpg

Fig. 2. Schematic of our AI-based technology providing coordination over Nergica 230-kW microgrid system

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More information about Nergica 230-kW microgrid system can be found here.

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